Past Commodore - Beth Graham

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ED Note: For those of you who missed the Commodore’s Ball, not only did you miss great companionship and a great meal, but you missed acknowledging the efforts of one of the hardest working members of your club, Commodore Beth Graham. Beth has the unique distinction of being the only Commodore of CIYC to serve two successive terms.

Following are Beth’s farewell remarks.

This has been a great evening. I’ve been looking forward to this evening for a couple of reasons. Of course, the most obvious, is the conclusion of my term as Commodore. But most importantly, is knowing, that by November 12th, the American election would be over. Should we expect a flood of Democrats joining CIYC this year?

I would like to thank Richard and Darlene Miles for organizing the Commodores’ Ball. An event I share with all past Commodores. I have an inkling, that it was a lot more work than most of us realize. Thank you, Darlene for making the centre pieces. They are beautiful.

When I heard that Lloyd Grahame was going to be the master of ceremonies, I was so excited, that he would do that for me. Thank you, cousin Lloyd.

I would like to personally thank Mayor Nelson Santos and his wife, Stephanie for joining us this evening. I am so pleased to see that the Town of Kingsville has included in its logo, the passion of this club.

I have been truly honoured to be your Commodore for the last two years. I have been part of a team that has nurtured progress and selflessly offered of their time and talents. I am grateful for what has been accomplished and, more so, for what has been done with the assistance and support of the membership.

It is very obvious, for most of us, to see what has happened around the club - new dock racks in the back, painting the clubhouse, extending the deck and the list goes on.

It is not as easy to see the planning that takes place in the background to make our many social events a success, launch and haul out function efficiently. In fact, this past haul out was one of the quickest as a result of their planning and your cooperation.

Many hours have been spent on maintaining our website, communicating to you through CIYC News, planning races, regattas, cruises and events involving the community like Explore the Shore, Island Girls Sailing Adventure, COP Camp - all have put us on the map. And your support for the Lippmann family, raising in access of $40 thousand over the last seven years for Cystic Fibrosis.

Two computers have been purchased, one for the Secretary and the other for the Treasurer, to assist in preserving records, providing financial reporting that has more transparency, making future transitions easier and smoother.

Most of us do not recognize the number of early morning hours that are spent on Little Toot providing a safe harbour for not only our club members but all boaters that expect to enter the harbour with confidence - thanks to Warren and your Dredging Committee.

Many hours of personal time sacrificed by our certified Learn to Sail instructors offer the only keelboat program in this area. And to prove our success, we have many booked for next year already.

I have briefly highlighted a few of our accomplishments. It was not a solo voyage. I was joined by a strong and effective Executive and a membership that was there to help. And for that reason we were able to accomplish what we did.

In closing, I cannot forget Paul Cairoli, my Vice Commodore and now our Commodore. He was a great support. We were truly a team. We both had a dream of developing a Strategic Plan with long range plans for the club. It started with the help of a cross-section of the membership, sharing their visions and from that, a Vision and Mission Statement was established. It provided a mandate to position the club for a successful future. We now have in place Strategic Goals for each area a responsibility on the Executive and Balanced Score Cards to help expedite Executive meetings. Paul’s expertise was essential. Thanks Paul for your help. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Paul, I sincerely wish you and your new Executive success and smooth sailing.

And finally, I want to thank, Denny for standing by me during the last two years. You’re probably a little nervous knowing that I will have a bit more free time. Thank you, Denny.