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Dear CIYC Members,

Our Cradle Day was successful, but as it happens so many times in this club, tasks of this nature end up being done by many of the same members and generally involve our more senior members. Fortunately just enough turned out to make it happen. We solicited all members substantially ahead of the cradle day date and received next to no response. 
The courtesy of a response when solicited for assistance on key annual tasks would be greatly appreciated - "This is Your Club".

Members may question from time to time: why do we have so many "procedures" or continually have to add to them, when really they should be unnecessary since we are all adults. 

Here are some lessons learned:

Within the week immediately after Launch Day, a member needs to:
  1. Remove all items that they do not want to go with their cradle to the summer storage site and remove them from the Club grounds.
  2. Clean up any of your bottom paint and polishing materials, etc. once your vessel is launched (cleanliness is next to godliness).
  3. Identify pad locations to avoid "Where do they go?" at haul-out
  4. Confirm your cradle is being stored at our ERCA site and, if not, let the Dock Officer or Committee member know. & directly tag the cradle so it isn't inadvertently removed.
  5. If you are managing your cradle on your own it needs to be removed from the property on or before our official cradle day.
  6. Masts and horses are not to obstruct access to the cradles on Cradle Day.

If you have anything still remaining where your vessel was stored remove immediately. Questionable items have been thrown into the garbage bin.

And lastly, once your mast is up, remove your horses and any garbage.

Thank-you for your attention to this matter.

March 3 - Providing all CIYC boating members with improved Dock facilities (like services and improved amenities regardless of what slip a member is assigned) is one of the long-term Strategic Goals submitted by the Dock Officer. I recently embarked upon a road trip along the shoreline of Essex County to survey and photograph many of the sail clubs and marinas, from Leamington to Stoney Point. You may be happy to know the condition of docks, dockside services & amenities (let alone the grounds & general facilities) in many cases do not equal or even come close to what we enjoy at CIYC. There were a couple of locations, Colchester & Leamington, which had top notch accommodations that included floating docks and power pedestals that combine dock power, water and LED lighting features. It should be noted however, that in both cases, these marinas are public community/township owned and operated - paid for and supported by taxes and are not privately owned. The only private sail club observed that has facilities superior to ours was Southport, a much larger club.
With all that said, much was learned and the Dock Committee. Aside from addressing some immediate safety concerns, we anticipate initiating some short-term improvements this season, while developing and planning several significant and exciting longer term service and convenience amenities.
February 2 - We are a respectable Dock Committee of seven.

Aside from continuing successful annual events for our boating members (Launch, Haul-out, necessary maintenance, repairs and inspections of all associated equipment), we are optimistic in providing a number of improved safety & dockage features.
Number 1 priority is the repairs to docks that have been damaged from previous year’s ice that are on the cusp of being unsafe. We’re hoping for a good freeze to permit access to these damaged docks.

We will keep you posted on the latest Dock News as we progress

Dave P
Dock Officer
CIYC 2017
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