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Commodore Paul Cairoli

September 4 - Well, I can’t believe it but Labour Day has come and gone meaning that we are now well into the twilight of the season. Who would have thought - it seems like we launched yesterday .

I want to thank two people in particular for an amazing Labour Day Regatta. The first, Walter Cooper and his crew for putting on a great event. Visiting boats told me they loved the format and the hospitality shown by the members of our great little club. I have received e-mails thanking the CIYC.

Festivities were a bit tarnished by the heckling from the Skipper of one of the visiting boats. It is shame. A lot goes into these events and, whilst we try to make them perfect, they obviously do not please everyone. Apologies were made by his crew. They were accepted but it was not their fault. My advice (since he is never happy) is to simply race elsewhere. Too many people worked too hard for you to upset those in attendance.

The second thanks, of course, goes to Auntie Social, Wendy Foote. She and her band of volunteers outdid themselves yet again. Just how high they can raise the bar? No one knows but they keep doing it. By Sunday, Wendy looked exhausted yet her smile and great sense of humour never left her.

Thanks to both of these Super Heroes and their Teams for a fantastic job!!!!!

As to what is next. Two more races and then that is done (I hate to think of no racing. What is one supposed to do on a Wednesday!!!)

One event yet to come. Yes, you guessed it, the Second Round of the famous SILVER HAIR CUP to be run mid September. Complete with mystery rules it will be the event of the year to be seen at. Details to follow.

What a ride this year has been . . . looking forward to the little bit left.

Kind regards


Wow! I cannot believe we are almost halfway through July. I waited all winter for summer ... hope time slows down a little, I need to catch my breath and enjoy the second half of the summer.

Lets look at what’s up, shall we?

Youth Sailing Camp

Our first Youth Sailing Camp starts in two weeks with Week One full and the second week filling up fast. What a success it is already and special thanks must go to the Youth Sail Committee of Warren Ritchie, Mike Lippmann, Wally Hogan, Jyll Mackie and Rachel Foote. Well done! Your vision and hard work made this happen. A special thanks to Dennis Graham for his kind last minute help.

Thanks also to the Town of Kingsville and Truax Lumber for their donations without which the burden of this program would have fallen solely on the membership.

Thanks to Ontario Sailing who bent over backwards with encouragement and support. I am told the instructors they are sending down are amongst their most talented and experienced. They will add a lot to our program.

There is a chance for you too to get involved as we need volunteers for full or half days at the club to act as liaisons during the camp. Not hard work but it will give you a chance to see first hand how this program works. It will be a blast watching the kids. Let Wally Hogan or any member of the committee know if you would like to help out.

This is truly a new building block for our Club’s future.


Well thanks to Rachel Park, the dedication of the Skippers and support staff, another IGSA is in the books. A great year as always. We welcome you back for a 2019 encore. This event just gets better and better as time goes on.

Maple leaf Regatta

Thats this weekend! Oh my so soon. This year it will feature a real regatta format with multiple short races all directed by Wally Hogan who is in charge of the Race Committee. With Wally’s experience this will be a stellar event.

Topping it off will be the World Famous Fish Fry and for your entertainment, the critically acclaimed Killer Goose Band will be playing that evening. This could be the finest regatta on the lake.

Next Years Executive

It’s not too soon to be talking about putting this old boy out to pasture ..... elections for new officers will be held before we know it. Our VC Warren Ritchie is heading up a nominating Committee so please do not be shy. If there is a position you want or feel you would do well at let Warren know and throw your name in the hat.

I will end here as I generally ramble on. Enjoy the summer , enjoy the club and participate whenever you can.

Kind regards


June 2018

Well, Spring has skipped into Summer weather and with that (and as always) a lot is happening at the great Cedar Island Yacht Club.

Spring Clean Up

Thanks to our Property Officer, Mike Lippmann and a loyal group of the regular volunteers, the Club and grounds got a “ready for the season makeover”. The place now looks great and it is up to us all for keeping it that way over the summer. There are still a few masts to get up and some member’s stuff is still lying about.As such, I ask all of you to get these items attended to in short order.

Youth Sailing

We are now less than 60 days away from our first sailing camp and we are about half full. Part of the problem is that this is the first year of the program and word takes a while to get around. This is where we need your help. Many of you have grandchildren, nieces and nephews even neighbours with children who are the right age. Please do what you can to spread the word about this great program. If you need brochures or application forms, they are at the clubhouse. If you know of places that would like to hang a poster call me or Mike Lippmann. We can get them to you. Let’s get kids signed up now!

Silver Hair Cup

If you missed it last week, shame on you. You may never recover. Twelve boats and about 50 people attended this fun event. After carefully analyzing all the finishing times and applying the 17 Super Secret Rules, the winner of the Spring race was Gord Watton. The pot luck dinner and party following was even better. Those in attendance raised about $140 for Youth Sailing.

This Weekend

What a great weekend this will be. Saturday will feature the CF Regatta, a great cause and this year with prizes galore donated by local businesses. Mike Lippmann puts together an incredible event so be sure and come out.

Sunday will be the Sail Past and Blessing of the Fleet. I love Yacht Traditions and this is one of my very favourites. After the Sail Past there will be the famous Strawberry Social back at the clubhouse. Come join us for this Official Kick-Off to the Sailing Season. Gentlemen are, of course, encouraged to wear a blazer,

Youth Sailing Donation from the Mahjong Group

For the second time this year, the Mahjong Group has made a financial contribution to the CIYC. In addition to last year’s generous donation at the AGM, this wonderful group of ladies has announced today that they are donating $100 to our Youth Sail Program.

I cannot thank this group enough. They provide a great way to spend an afternoon at the Club (thus enhancing our membership) and their generosity is so greatly appreciated.

With our warmest thanks to you all.

I could go on and on but that’s it for now. I hope to see you all soon. Enjoy the summer.


April 2018

Two weeks ago in the cold and wet I took a walk around the yacht club. It was so lifeless with grey skies, a hint of snow in the air and the poor boats. Oh my, these magnificent sailing yachts forced to spend the winter wrapped up, demasted, on cradles looking so forlorn and forgotten.

Fast forward to Saturday 28 April and all of a sudden these clean, well waxed thoroughbreds were bouncing on their cradles waiting to be hoisted up and placed back home in the water.

The club was transformed once again into a real yacht club. Let the activities begin, and there will be lots, I promise.

Firstly, the 28th did not just magically happen. A lot of stuff happened behind the scenes and a ton of you deserve our thanks; the Phone Committee for making sure everyone knew what was going to take place, Docks and Property for everything from ordering cranes to ensuring the water was on. (You and your crews did a fabulous job!). Launch went so smoothly and so safely yet again.

Who else could have turned a day of hard work, rain and drizzle into a banner social and culinary experience other that Auntie Social and her hard working crew, all of whom were at the club before 7am to ensure coffee was hot and food was prepared.

Some of you may have noticed the really neat looking new docks launched in Shark Alley. These are the new Youth Sailing Docks. Not only can we use this as a platform for our Youth Sailing Program I hope it will springboard us into a program of kayak and canoe membership. Anyway, before I go off on a tangent, a special thanks to Mike Lippmann, Pat Manchurek and Larry Domm for putting these professional looking docks together. Largely funded by the Town of Kingsville and Truax Lumber, these docks are built to last for decades.

There are only about 25 spots left for Youth Sailing so be sure to sign up the young ones quickly.

So what from here?

Two events this weekend. Friday Pot Luck with a combination Star Wars/Cinqo be Mayo Theme. It will be a blast and I am sure O.B. Jaun and Juan Solo will be in attendance along with Chewtaco. I will see you there.

Saturday is a another combo. Race Skippers meeting with Awards Announcements from 2018 and a sit down Coq Au Vin (help me, my French is terrible) prepared by the Lippmanns. Attendance is limited so sign up fast.

I hope to see you at both events.

Finally, after that we can get to racing. Walt Cooper will have a great program for the coming year including a Learn To Race “Blue Racer Program”. How good is that?! See Walt for details.

Toss in Island Girls, Learn to Sail, Monday Breakfasts, Explore the Shore, a host of regattas, Sail Past, Cop Camp, Pelee Island trips, the Silver Hair Cup and we will be just about spent by summer’s end. At least that’s the plan.

March 2018

I know it has not been that long since I last wrote but there are some important messages that you need to hear and we need your help.

Youth Sailing

As you know with the help of the Town of Kingsville, Truax Lumber and the good people at the OPP Copp Camp, we are 100% a go for our Youth Sailing Program this summer. The sailing camp first week is scheduled for July 23rd to July 27th and the second week is July 30th to Aug 3rd.

We are proud that Ontario Sailing, their expertly trained crew of instructors and their modern fleet of boats will be at our club to run this. Their expertise and experience means that our youth will receive the highest quality and safest instruction possible. We will provide our beautiful facilities and enthusiastic support staff.

Here is where you come in: we need to fill the classes up. Most of us do not have kids but we have grandchildren, nieces and nephews and neighbours. Take a moment, become an ambassador for our club and this great program. Registration forms can be found online on the CIYC web site and brochures are available at the club house.

Our hard working Youth Sail Committee is also pleased to announce the addition of Rachel Foote to our ranks. Rachel will be helping with registrations and keeping the rest of us in line.

Help us make this a great opportunity for our youth and ensure the future of our club.

Island Girls Sailing Adventure

This is a request on behalf of the organizing committee for volunteer Skippers. We are short a number of boats in this program that is important to the development of new sailors and potential members.

If you were a Skipper last year I urge you to sign up again. I promise better weather this year. The fun, the food and the good times will be equal to or better than ever.

At the very least this is a great way to get your boat off the dock and sailing.

Don’t let this event pass you by. Please get involved. Thank you.

Telephone Committee

I was at the Telephone Committee’s meeting last night. Boy do they know how to conduct a meeting!
The Phone Committee is one of those behind the scenes but vital contributors to the club’s success and I just wanted to say “Thanks” for all the work they do.


I hope to see you Saturday for Walt’s seminar, Hug Your Boat Bonfire and the Pot Luck Dinner.


March - With the great weather we have been having and the open water on the lake it gets one thinking about spring and with spring comes racing..... oops...... I of course meant to say sailing.... where is the stupid delete button on this computer?

So many of us are starting to get excited about the soon to be here new season. To help get you in the mood let me fill you in on some of the spectacular and semi-spectacular things that have been going on around the CIYC.

First, an update on the Youth Sailing Program now firmly scheduled for July. At the AGM I told you we had to raise about $20,000 in order to make the club ready to accommodate the program. I further went on to say that we could raise the money through debentures payable over 10 years, however, we would try and found outside sponsorship to help us. To this end, the wonderful Town of Kingsville has given us a non repayable grant of $10,000 to assist us in the building of docks required for the program.

Further, Jeremy Truax, President of Truax Lumber has donated approximately $4,000 worth of cedar lumber to complete our project.

Finally through some sound buying we have reduced our expenses to to the point that I believe we can easily cover 100% of our expenses before the program starts. I am over the moon!

What a great town we live in. The Mayor and the Town Council has shown great vision, support of its youth and an unprecedented confidence and faith in the Cedar Island Yacht Club.

Our Corporate neighbour, Jeremy Truax also possesses these fine qualities.

What a blessing and honour it is to be located in such a fine giving community. We will return their faith and trust in us by delivering the best Youth Sailing Program in the province.

The next big news is that Island Girls is back for another year. This program was fast becoming the club’s premiere event however, this year’s event was almost a no-go. It seems that many of the insurance companies used by our club were saying that Island Girls (incorrectly), was a commercial event thus making the boats involved charter boats and uninsured. Luckily after discussions with the fine people at Skipper’s Plan who insure most of our boats, they agreed our program was so good they felt all clubs should do it. They took our case to their insurers and were able to convince them that we should be covered. A big thank you to Petre Fischer of Skipper’s Plan for taking up our cause.

Thirdly,Walter Cooper has joined our Executive as Race Officer. Walter has put together a most comprehensive Mission and Vision statement for race. He intends as his goal to get 100 % of all members involved in at least one race activity this year. I urge you all to support him. He has some great ideas for all racers from the seasoned competitor to the new member who has yet to try racing. I will not detail his great ideas. I will leave that up to him.

The first Social Event of the year will be “Hug Your Boat Day’ on 24 March. This year it will be a multi function event with Walter Cooper Moderating a Panel of Experts at 2pm to discuss the Art of Sail Trim. This will be followed with a Hug Your Boat Day Bonfire with Cider and Hot Chocolate at 4pm. The topper will be a Pot Luck Dinner at 5:30, so mark that day on your calendar come for one, two or hopefully all three of these great events.

Speaking of Social, this club is noted for its great social events and this year will be bigger and better than ever. These great events do not take place without work behind the scenes. I urge you to contact Wendy Foote and sign up to assist at at least one event. You will have fun, get some of your work hours in and help spread the work load. Volunteer no matter what membership category you are in, no matter how many work hours you have ...... the more we all put in the more we will get out.

Wow its been a busy winter .... good thing the boats were on the hard and the lake frozen otherwise it may have been too much.

See you on the 24
th of March lets kick this 2018 season off right.


January 18 - On behalf of the Youth Sailing Committee, I am very pleased to announce that Ontario Sailing and their Boom program have awarded the Cedar Island Yacht Club two one-week Youth Sailing Schools to be held 23 July and 30 July 2018.

The Committee and you the members have worked hard over the last two years to bring this goal from a dream to a reality. Our next step is to ensure that this is the finest sailing school in the region. A task that, for our great club, will be easily handled.

We have revamped the responsibilities of our committee to best ensure that the many tasks that lay ahead get done in time.

The responsibility for the building of school docks and property preparation will fall under Mike Lippmann.

Liaison with Boom and all its complexities will be handled by Wally Hogan.

Jyll Mackie will handle registration, promotion and be the Boom Representative of the CIYC during the program.

Warren Ritchie and I will handle funding and budgeting.

All four of these areas will require help from you so please, if you are inclined, pick an area that suits your skills, call the Committee member in charge and offer your assistance. It will be a blast.

Sailing has been a great hobby, sport and social pastime for all of us so now is a wonderful time for all of us to get involved and help develop future sailors and future club members.

From today on the Youth Sailing Program at CIYC is real, is viable, and will be fun for all of us.

With Warmest Regards
Your Happy Commodore

2018 January

Happy New Year to you all and best wishes for the upcoming sailing season.

No matter what interests you on the water this year, we hope to have it.

It is hard to believe how fast 2017 went by. There was so much to do, so much that did get done and now so much to get ready for. Lets do a look at what happened and to where we are headed.

2017 saw a lot of background work being done, reviewing the Bylaws, setting Strategic Goals for the year and future years and organizing a lot of activities that I believe went off with a great deal of professionalism, passion, and fun.

At this year’s Commodores Ball and again at the AGM, I promised we would do much of the same as last year but this year with a view to providing even greater return for your membership dollar. After all, keeping you happy makes the club work and work well. This year’s Executive is dedicated to improving every detail of all of our events at this great yacht club. Not an easy task given how well they performed last year.

To make this club even greater, I am asking that all of you get even more involved. This is a club built by its members for its members and, with so much going on, we need your help. This help will start in February when we will hold an open evening to discuss and review our recently introduced Strategic Plan. A couple of years ago, many of us met at a series of winter meetings during which we talked about our vision for the future. It went very well but to keep working a strategic plan, from time to time, it needs to be reviewed to see if the current needs and situation are still valid or if some influence within or outside our control dictates a change. Changing a Strategic Plan is a good thing if (and only if) it is done after careful consideration.

Our current plan is good but it was developed from a concept when we were not even sure how it would work. So now it is time for you to review it. What better way to ensure the future of the CIYC and what a great way to get involved. Watch CIYC News for details. I cannot think of a better way to spend a cold winter night.

For me as Commodore there are three major new projects that must get done.

Firstly, our Youth Sailing Program. We set up a Committee of hard-working visionaries: Jyll Mackie, Wally Hogan , Mike Lippmann, Warren Ritchie and me who put in a ton of work researching, planning and executing a program that, if approved by Ontario Sailing, will provide the basis for future members of the club and ensure the continuation of our wonderful sport. At the time of this writing all plans are in place; we are just waiting for a go-ahead that our application is approved.

Youth Sailing was a concept that hatched from our Strategic Planning sessions. How great is that?!

Once approved, we are going to need volunteers to sit on sub-committees at which time we will change our focus from planning to building docks, raising funds, promotion, grounds preparation and a host of other projects. Let me know if any of this interests you. We need your help and it will be fun.

Secondly. I want to set up a Forward Planning Committee that must look at our future property and member needs and propose solutions as to how we do business in the future. They will look at how we handle opportunities should properties near the CIYC come up for sale. They will explore better ways we can manage our current docks and how we can expand our facilities in non-traditional ways, all of which we will need to accommodate existing and new membership.

Thirdly, last year we started to review the ambiguities in our Bylaws. This year, a Committee will be set up and be overseen by our Vice-Commodore, Warren Ritchie. This Committee will look at rewriting current Bylaws so they are simpler and easier to understand and, very importantly, look at what policies and procedures are necessary to keep us abreast of our times. They will look at and recommend health and safety programs, harassment policies , membership categories etc. that will work for all. Warren has a huge task ahead of him.

I know some of you worry about change and may long for the simpler days when the club had few rules and the emphasis was on simpler things. The world has changed and we must too. The club runs on money, your money, and the Executive and you (through your participation) must ensure that it is spent wisely and in a manner that ensures the safe and healthy future of the club.

As to the other one thousand and one other things we are doing I ask you to look at the other Execs’ pages. They will explain all the programs in detail.

One last thing as I finish. Our Race Officer, Greg Switzer, has had to resign for family reasons. I want to thank him for the great job he did last year. I will truly miss him as a competitor, as a Club Officer but mostly as a good friend. Good luck to you and your wonderful family, Greg. Mike Lippmann is taking over the Race Officer position on an acting basis. He already has a lot on his plate so if any of you have an interest in learning the race position Mike said he would be happy to train you. This is a great opportunity.

Again I think we can all look forward to a fantastic 2018.

With warm regards,