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Learn to Sail Officer Frank Foote

Spring L2S Report

L2S fleet is expanding! We have purchased a new-to-us sailboat which will be our primary training boat for 2018. The C&C 25 MK2 offers some advantages over our current Shark. The larger cockpit will allow us to teach 4 students at a time instead of 2-3. The presence of proper lifelines, pulpit, and pushpit adds security and helps us meet some Transport Canada requirements.
We will continue to use the Shark as classes sometimes overlap and as a backup if the C&C is under repair. If demand continues to be high we will look at eventually replacing the Shark with another C&C 25 or similar boat.
You may have noticed the absence of the white Shark this spring. This boat was sold and now resides on Georgian Bay where its new owner is beginning an extensive refit. We sold our other donated L2S boat (Sirius 21) last year. It is now on a dock Amherstburg being refit for use in the Detroit river by its new owner.
We have over the years had some difficulties keeping out training boats ship-shape. They tend to get a lot of use for brief periods then sit idle for some time. This year Pat Manchurek has volunteered to help us with maintenance (Thanks Pat!) but we could use one more person to help out with a range of things such as launch/haul for the Shark, various maintenance, repairs and cleaning. Please contact Frank Foote (5198173179) if you would like to volunteer for some work hours.
Lastly we would like to recruit one or 2 more instructors for the program. This is a fairly big multi-year commitment but if you are interested or want more information please contact Frank.