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Social Officer Wendy Foote

January 2018 - Ring that dinner bell!!!! Auntie Social has been cookin’ up some ideas!!

Hello CIYC !!! Since the weather and the groundhog won’t cooperate, I think we should just go ahead and think about spring, summer and sailing all on our own!

Last season, I wanted to get a feel for the work involved with events we hold to celebrate our sailing passion. So, I dug in, got dirty and figured it out. By doing this, I have a much better perspective on what people believe is “the scariest” job on CIYC executive. It is
definitely not scary, but a real HOOT!! I had a great season and thank all those that stepped up to help along the way.
For the 2018 season, I would like to start organizing now. Social is responsible for 5 events (at minimum) and 18 race nights. By signing up now for one of these events, you will secure a way to earn your work hours. I would like 3 people per event and we will add more if needed for the regattas. 2 people are needed for each race night. I’d like 6 teams of 2 people to handle race nights. There are 3 series of 6 races each, so 5 nights per series needs to be filled. (I get to do one each series – I need some fun too!!) The six teams will each take one night per series. Once we have volunteers, I will post a schedule so everyone can be organized. If for some reason you dedicate yourself to an event, but can’t make it, then a replacement person is your responsibility. The schedule will allow for possible switching – similar to how committee boat responsibilities plays out with the skippers.
Launch – breakfast / lunch (or just brunch) - April 21 (I think…)
Blessing of the Fleet – light snacks, collaborate with C & VC on schedule of events
Maple Leaf Regatta – fish fry - July 14
Labour Day weekend
Steak BBQ – Sept. 1
Pizza (or other quick meal) – Sept 2
Haul out – breakfast / lunch – October 20 (I think…)
Race night Group A: 2 people
Race night Group B: 2 people
Race night Group C: 2 People
Race night Group D: 2 people
Race night Group E: 2 people

There will be other events, I don’t have solid dates for yet.
Island Girls BBQ and events related to Youth Sailing may be added.
Assistance with planning Commodore’s Ball for next year is needed, if anyone would like to help, let me know.
Lastly, I will not be Social director for the 2018-2019 season. If you think that this job is for you, step up early and this entire summer will be a mentoring process. Deciding at the last minute to take on any CIYC executive role is tough when you are not familiar with what is involved. So please consider the post early and we can work together to make the hand-over seamless.

Once you decide about the events you would like to dedicate yourselves to, send an email to so I can organize a schedule. This is an easy way to attack those work hours!!