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Vice Commodore Warren Ritchie

February - As our winter rumbles along your Executive is toiling diligently on work that will make for a great sailing season.

I want to thank our Work Hours Committee: Frank Foote, Craig Canniff, Barrie Brewin, Richard Miles and Mike Fournier for their valuable input into the review of our work hours practices.
A clearer definition of what a work hour is (and isn't) will be published.
A skills summary will be assembled and published to help our officers and project coordinators find the right people to complete the work ahead.
A "Job Jar" will be published to help members find work they would delight in performing.
Please note that this year the work hour year will be shortened to October 1 (
Haul Out will not be included this year).

Art of the Deal

There are two agreements that need to be concluded this year.
1. The "Toot" deal will clarify our working relationship between the Town and ourselves. After several iterations we have presented to the Town an agreement in which the financial and operational responsibilities fall squarely on the shoulders of our Club. This greatly simplifies the Town's administrative role but carries with it a greater financial commitment. This agreement has received tentative agreement by the Town's CAO and has been presented to the Town Council who are now reviewing it. Feedback and hopefully approval is expected by the end of this month.
2. The dredging of the harbour is a very costly and unpredictable project. There was a draft agreement with the Town in place but was put on hold pending personnel changes at the Town. As soon as the Toot agreement has been finalized the negotiations with the Town on this agreement will be resumed.

Health and Safety

Ontario Sailing has provided us with their templates for a comprehensive health and safety program. This package also reflects the current emphasis on child welfare and sexual harassment. These issues will be incorporated into the new policy initiative to be undertaken this year.