What’s New at CIYC

Hey everyone, Rob Squire has his C&C 24 for sale. Check out the Buy, Sell, Trade page for details.

Are you in need of some work hours to meet your commitment this year? Here’s an opportunity that doesn’t take a lot of skill and one that will help promote the Club.

An Albacore sailboat was generously donated to CIYC and the plan is to turn it into a parade boat. It’s a perfect size and shape and won’t take much to put it in tip-top condition to meet its admiring public.

Here’s what has to be done . . .

Needs to be cleaned and polished

Needs to be permanently mounted to its trailer

Unneeded hardware has to be removed

Miscellaneous work on the trailer like lights, paint, lubrication


A permanent, short mast needs to be mounted to facilitate towing in parades.

If you’re interested, call Paul at 519-733-0522

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Hey everyone! Allow me to introduce our newest Learn to Sail Social members, Carolyn Hardy and partner, John Hoy. Carolyn and John took the LTS course under the guidance of instructor, Doug Plumb. Pictured here with Vice Commodore Warren Ritchie and Auntie Social, Wendy Foote, is Carol. Sadly, John was unavailable for the last Executive meeting when the two were inducted. Welcome to our humble little Club!

CS 30 World Championships to be held in conjunction with Silver Hair Cup!

Your Commodore is pleased to announce that through some very tough negotiations at least 4 CS 30 will be participating on 22 September.

With entries coming as far away as Union, it was deemed that this was cause for international recognition.

The CS fleet will still race within the Silver Hair Cup but the first of the CS 30’s to cross the line will be declared WORLD CHAMPION.

For those of you who do not own a CS30, there is still time to buy one or just sign up for the Silver Hair Cup in your own boat. This will truly be the event to be seen at. With the Toronto International Film Festival at an end, there is no telling what celebrities will be seen at this gala.

Sign up sheet is in the clubhouse. Entry is just $5.00 with proceeds going to Youth Sailing . Pot luck to follow!

See you there!


OK, this is important. At last year’s AGM, it was decided that the period for earning 2017/18 Work Hours would end on October 1st. This means you have 18 days (as of this date) to get your 20 hours in or pay the balance at $30 an hour. ‘Nuff said?

Work Hours have been updated and posted. Check your balance. Go to the Your Work Hours page and click on the link.

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Speaking of Work Hours, check out this wholesome crew installing new curbing around the perimeter. Docks Officer, Keith Boehme, is spearheading this effort and we find some very familiar faces digging in to do the work. Pictured here (L - R) Keith, Craig Canniff, Doug Snow, Bryan Stewart, Max Pichler and Barrie Brewin. Concrete was being poured today so come on down and check out the team’s fine work.

The Third and a Half Annual Silver Hair Cup

Management is pleased to announce the date for the 3-1/2 Annual Silver Hair Cup.

Traditionally this great event is run on a weekday to keep those un-retired types from spoiling the fun, so in keeping with tradition, the date for the event is SATURDAY, September 22nd.

This has been done solely so that defending Champion Gord Watton and crew can avoid calling in sick.

Skippers’ Meeting will be at 1 pm at which time the new Super Secret Rules will be announced. Bring costumes, water guns or whatever you think will give
you an advantage (be reminded it won’t). This is a great event for young and old, racers and non racers . It will be just a fun time out on the water. Entry will be just $5.00 with proceeds to Youth Sailing. Afterwards enjoy a Pot Luck Dinner so bring something to share. Awards will be just before dinner.

This will be a life changing event . . . just look at Gord!

Sign up sheet in the club house or call Paul 519-733-0522.

Rachel Park has her ’74 C&C 25 Escapade up for sale. It’s a beauty too. Check out the detail on the Buy, Sell, Trade Page or simply click this link.

Commodore Paul has published his thoughts on the Labour Day festivities this past weekend. Please take a moment to read them. You can access them here.

The Race Director (AKA Walt Cooper) has posted his comments and sailing instructions for the Labour Day weekend. You can get the scoop by clicking here.

Our good thing just keeps on growing. The Executive inducted newcomers to our humble, little club at the last meeting and we’re thrilled to welcome to our family.

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Commodore Paul and Vice-Commodore Warren welcome Full member Bobbi Rupert (husband Gerald was unavailable) and her youngins’.

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Meet new Learn to Sail Social member Diane Nease.

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Meet Kathy Vandelinder, our new L2S Social member.

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And this is Linda Groh, CIYC’s newest Social member.

Week Two of Youth Sailing is done. The boats are packed up, the kids have gone, the trainers, Kim and Mel, have returned to Toronto. But the memories will live on. Lots of people can be credited with its success; among them Commodore Paul, Paul Cairoli, Rachel Foote, Mike Lippmann, Wally Hogan, Jyllian Mackie and Warren Ritchie. Kudos to all of you.

So here are the images from Week Two courtesy of Dennis and Beth Graham:

Week Two and Week Two Day 5

Week One of our Youth Sailing Camp is in the books and from all accounts, it was a roaring success. Week Two started today. Dennis Graham was kind enough to pass along a host of pics from Week One. You can find Day One here, Days Three and Four here and Day Five here. Commodore Paul offers the following, reflecting on last week’s success:

Well we did it, the first ever Youth Sailing Camp graduated 16 happy students this past Friday.

What a week it was. You would have been amazed to see the transformation of these green wide-eyed kids on Monday to the expert sailors who left the club on Friday afternoon. To see them on the water Friday tacking close-hauled to close-hauled with ease and confidence made me realize what a great job our wonderful instructors from Ontario Sailing did.
Mel and Kim were simply fantastic; not only teaching the kids sailing but keeping them (and me) entertained all week.

If you were one of those who visited the Club during the week, you got to see this first-hand. If you didn’t, then lucky you as you still have a chance to get down here for the week 2 class. It will be another triumph I am guessing.

Now that we see how successful these camps can be we can look to the future. This is a future of full active young members born from the graduates and families of a wonderful junior sailing program at the CIYC. The foundation for this future has been laid; we simply need to keep working hard to make it real.

How satisfying will it be for all of us to have a hand in developing our community’s youth and passing on the sailing legacy that we created.

Well done everyone and thank you.

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Check out the Buy, Sell, Trade page for some deals. Dave Prince is selling some PFD’s and flotation jackets and there’s a nice little racer just waiting for you.

The Youth Sailing program is underway and the young’ins had a great morning on the lake . . . light winds, perfect for teaching and learning. All that tacking and gybing builds an appetite. Here they are coming in to put the feedbag on. From their comments, everyone is having a great time.

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Hey! Looking to take on the race leaders? Have a look at this piece of art for sale. You can find your next boat on the Buy, Sell, Trade Page!

And now a word from your favourite auntie, Auntie Social . . .
Thank you to everyone that volunteered, pitched in and just enjoyed the Fish Fry on Saturday!! We served about 120 adults and children – higher numbers from last year!
A huge shout out to my volunteers in the kitchen and on the fryers – Lynne Klinck, Rath Mal & Rob Pretty, John Guillette, and Kristyn Pearce. The kids were amazing helpers as well!! Rob and Darren (super sax player) helped knock back the fish flies that showed up again – grrrr!!! John and Rob ran the fryers and BBQ with amazing expertise!! You’d never know they were brand new to the job!!
Rachel Foote helped with Friday night set up and decor. Ally Lippmann was a huge coleslaw and tartar sauce genius! Kathryn Groenewegen magically appeared to help sell tickets – thank you!!! I must thank Craig and Gord for helping me get the power washer going on Friday – I love that machine!!! Frank helped me get the fryers out of the shed, while Seann helped fire them up. The reverse process involved the same helpers and I can’t thank them enough!! Sunday clean up also received help from Beth and Dennis Graham – thank you!!
Finally, thank you to all that attended!! The Killer Goose Band was fabulous!!! I look forward to having them play again!!
Thank you all!!
Love, Wendy

The 2018 Maple Leaf Regatta and Famous Fish Fry are in the record books. Great participation from the members and from other clubs. Wally Hogan coordinated this year’s event, a windward-leeward series with four classes. Wally and his Committee Boat crew (Carol Perkes, Tina Chepeka and Tom Connolly) managed 12 separate starts . . . quite an achievement. The wind held until the last short leg but died completely resulting in the abandonment of the last two class races.

The Fish Fry followed. Auntie Social Officer Wendy Foote managed the event. So much work, so few volunteers. John Guillette and Mike Fournier stepped up to fry the fish and did an excellent job. Just an awesome meal. And the entertainment was terrific. The Killer Goose Band played hits old and new. Great job.

Thanks to all who attended, thanks to all who put it on. See you next year.

The Commodore has posted his latest comments on his page. Have a read . . . it’s a great barometer for where the Club is heading and our achievements. Of particular note is the fact that the Youth Sailing Program still needs volunteers. Can you help? Contact Wally Hogan if you have a couple of free hours. After all, you are the Club’s strength.

Race Officer Walter Cooper has posted the 2018 Maple Leaf Regatta Registration Form and Sailing Instructions on the Race Page. Here’s a quick link.

What’s up? Youth Sailing that’s what. CIYC hit the big time with an article published in the Kingsville Reporter on June 26th. Our premiere activity is a perfect blend of sport activism and community involvement. This will be CIYC’s lifeblood as a younger generation hits the waves. So much work and dedication by members has gone into the development of this program. You can help with its promotion by talking it up with friends and relatives who may have or know of kids 8 to 14 years of age looking to have a great time on the water. Ontario Sailing’s BOOM Mobile Sailing School provides pretty much everything a kid would need for week-long course. Dates are July 23 - 27 and July 27 - 30, 0900 - 1600 hrs. Spread the word!

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Hey, you know that delicious fish fry we have very Maple Leaf Regatta? Yeah, you know the one . . . mmmm, delicious. Well it doesn’t happen by itself. It takes people to get ‘er done and right now, Auntie Social Officer Wendy Foote, is looking for volunteers. Yes, I’m talking’ to you. Can you spare a couple of hours to ensure this event’s success? Sure you can. Send Wendy an email (just click right here, it’s easy). And thank you.

By the way, the Killer Goose Band (pictured below) will be playing for your pleasure after the fish is eaten. See you there!

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The Sail for Cystic Fibrosis Regatta was held last weekend and, despite the poor weather and lower attendance, still was a huge success. Thanks to Ally and Mike Lippmann for coordinating this hugely important Club event. You can read Mike and Ally’s account of the event here.

All race results are posted on the Race page. Check out this year’s drama here.

Updated work hours have been posted and are current to June 6. See where you stand by clicking this link.

The Mahjong Group does it again. Check out Commodore Paul’s message for June here.

Do you have an extra kid’s-size PDF you’re not using? Want to find a good home and good purpose for it? How about donating it to CIYC and be a part of our new Kids Don’t Float initiative. You can see by the picture that your PDF will be a part of a Loaner Station where visiting families and guests with children can borrow a PDF to ensure their little ones are safe around our grounds. Interested? Talk to Social Officer Wendy Foote.

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We have a busy weekend ahead. Saturday will be the Sail for CF Regatta and Sunday is the Blessing of the Fleet. Sunday’s event starts at 2 p.m. with a ceremony, a canal sail past, and Strawberry Social. Be there!

Wednesday’s race results have been posted. You can see the results of that wild ride here.

Race results for the Club’s first completed race can be found here. Congrats to everyone for showing up. 15 boats out there last night.

IGSA has posted an ad for sailing gloves if you’re in the market for some. There are two pairs available . . . one SMALL and one EXTRA LARGE. Further details can be found on the Buy, Sell, Trade Page.

The Committee Boat schedule has been posted on the Race Page. Check out when you’re up to set the line.

Dave Rempel (aka Captain Dredge) has provided an update for all of us on Little Toot’s status, one you should take a moment to read. You can access it here or by going to the Dredging Officer’s page.

Click here to view pics of the 2017 Race Awards Banquet.

The images below are the latest regalia offerings from our VC/Quartermaster, Warren Ritchie. This retro look is pretty cool and the price is right . . . a short sleeved shirt is $13, short sleeved with your boat name is only $18. If your preference is for long sleeved coverings, they can be had for $18 and $23 respectively. Both styles are available in navy or white. Let Warren know by email the colour, size, style and quantity you’ll need to look your best this racing season.

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Following is the list of tasks that need to be accomplished this weekend during our annual Clean Up Day. Look it over, pick one or two and let Property Officer Mike Lippmann know you would like to do the work. Remember, in order to get work hours for your work, you must be approved to do the work by the respective officer.

Spring Clean Up Day May 12th 2018

Job Description


Wash clubhouse windows inside & out - 2 people

Clean stoves/ovens inside & out - 1 person

Wash & clean Womens washroom complete - 1 person

Wash & clean Men's washroom complete - 1 person

Clean eavestroughs around building - for safety a 2 person job

Clean Clubhouse Kitchen - 1 - 2 Person

Go through all the tables & chairs and tighten fasteners - 1 person

Pick up lawn litter and rake lawn as required - 2 - 3 people

Rake and clean up gravel parking lot as required - 2 - 3 person job

Clean carpet in club, take outside and use carpet cleaning machine - 1 Person job

Take Grills apart and do a thorough job of cleaning - 1 person job

Mike Lippmann
Dig a 16" deep trench to Gazebo from washroom bldg - 2 person job

Wash vinyl siding all around club house 2 - Person job

Clean up & Weed Gardens and dress with mulch

Barrie & Sue Brewin
Rake and clean up gravel walkways around club property 2 people

Clean up freezer on deck - 1 person

Cut up scrap wood pallets for the fire pit - 1 - 2 person

Pull stoves out in kitchen and clean up behind them 1 - 2 person job

Move fire pit to South lawn - set down some paving stones, etc., 2 person job

Learn to Sail Officer Frank Foote has posted an update on the program. Have you seen a new orange boat in the yard? See what that has to do with the program. Frank’s blog can be found here.

Details of the Sail for CF Regatta have been posted. You’ll find all the information you’ll need to make this the most successful year yet right here.

Be the first to use the new JOB JAR, a new way to find out what work needs doing around the Club. You can view the scope of the work and apply for the job that interests you. It’s a great way to get your work hours. You can find the link anytime on the Work Hours Page or you can click right here. Welcome to the future.

And Launch for 2018 is in the books. Very fast, very safe. The new addition this year are the floating docks in Shark Alley that will be used for the Youth Sailing Program. Below are the two gents who are mainly responsible for the program’s introduction . . . Commodore Paul on the left and Property Officer Mike on the right. Well done chaps! Registrations are being accepted for the Youth Sailing Program so if you know of a youngster who would be interested, pass his or her name along to either Paul or Mike and they’ll get them enrolled. Thanks to Keith Boehme, Dave Prince, Gord Watton and the entire Launch Team for their excellent work. And, the Treasurer, Ilene Steinke, was thrilled with the pre-paid Launch fee that was included in your annual dues. Haul-Out costs are too but we don’t want to even think about that now. Let’s get some warm weather and get out there!

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Read the Commodore’s blog on the Commodore Page. There’s lots of good stuff happening around the Club, so stay informed.

There are four women on the waiting list for IGSA, just enough for one more boat. Can you help? Will you be a skipper for this excellent program? Let Rachel Park (rcpark@mnsi.net) know. You won’t regret it.

About two dozen members attended the last of three winter learning sessions, hosted by Race Officer, Walter Cooper. This instalment dealt with the Rules of Racing and was presented by Commodore Paul. The two-hour session emphasized the importance of knowing the rules and confabbing afterwards with other racers to discuss events. Everyone is encouraged to get a copy of the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-20, available free online. Below, Commodore Paul discussing the finer points of protestation. Download your digital version of The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2017-2020: Apple (iOS) version / Android version

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If we wait a couple of more days, maybe we won’t need the crane! Water has been slowly rising during the storm and Natalie and Mike Goodchild, Bob Mantyka and Dennis Graham can be thanked if you have dock boards this season. They were all out on Sunday gathering up the floating lumber. Thanks everyone! Here are a few of pics of the situation, courtesy of Bob.

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