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Youth Sale Update

It is time your Youth Sail Committee gave you an update on the 2019 Youth Sail Camps.

The big news is that there are only five spots left - 2 in Week 1, 2 in Week 2 and one in Week 3. So if you have been wanting to register, now is the time to do so and avoid being on a waiting list. This time last year we had four registered. What a great success.

It's not too early to start thanking people. These are people who worked tirelessly on the Committee as well as those people and organizations who have contributed.

Thanks to Wally Hogan and Rachel Foote for developing our marketing plan and for promoting registration. To Mike Lippmann and Brian Isaacs who are handling all the technical preparations. Without the four of you this great program would not have happened.

The Committee wants to thank the Town of Kingsville for their faith in the program and for their generous $7,000 donation. This has allowed us to reduce the overall cost of the program this year. Cop Camp is making donations again this year and our own Race Committee is doing a Youth Sailing fundraiser. Finally, thanks to two of our members, Mike Fournier and Gary Kiers, who gave cash gifts to the program.

Many of you are 100% behind this program and see its long-term benefits. To those of you who do not, we understand but ask you to take a moment to talk to one of our committee members and openly discuss your concerns. We need feedback - good and bad.

By the way, if you are looking for work hours, we need on-site supervisors during the sail camps. Sign up for full or half days. You will have a blast being part of the camp. Let me know.

Paul Cairoli

If you're into partaking of cannabis, take a look at the Club's Cannabis Protocol.

Members! There is an important message for you on the Members' Page. Please take a minute to review the proposal and offer your comments to the Commodore as soon as you can. The code to access the page is the clubhouse door code.

June 13, 2019
Closure Notice: Boat Ramp - Cedar Island Marina

Closure Notice: Boat Ramp - Cedar Island Marina
Please be advised that due to the consistent high water levels, operations of the boat ramp at the cedar island marina
Will be suspended until further notice.
The closure is in the interest of public safety and protection of staff.

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On Monday night (June 3rd), several skippers had spent the early evening sailing with some new friends to introduce them to our favourite sport.
We gathered at the clubhouse as the sun set for some snacks and tall tales.
As darkness fell and the skippers were tidying up their boats, Sue Markham, one of the lady sailors, watched in horror as her skipper fell onto the dock while leaving his boat.
As most of the sailors were in the club there was no one else nearby to help so she grabbed the skipper and pulled him off the dock onto the pathway. It should be noted that this skipper weighed nearly twice as much as Sue.
She noticed that the skipper was unresponsive and turning blue so she debated whether to run and call for help or help the man lying in front of her. Because she had some first-aid training at her work at the post office she decided to start CPR.
She called for help and some visiting American sailors who happened to be at their boats came over, saw the emergency and called to the club house for help.
Luckily, Dr. Rachel Park was in the club and grabbed the AED unit which was mounted on the club wall and rushed to help. A sailing trainee Maxine Sylmajobena (who had been trained in emergency procedures) joined Rachel and together they worked on the unconscious skipper for what seemed like an eternity (probably 30 minutes). 911 was called quickly. 
Gord Watton who was trained in industrial accident prevention opened both front gates to the club and waited for the emergency vehicles to arrive. After a long time (maybe 20 minutes) we heard the EMS vehicles but they went to the wrong side of the creek and were obviously struggling to find the club. One of the police officers jumped into her car and with light blazing drove off to direct the EMS vehicles to the club.
In the meantime, Rachel and Maxine kept working on the skipper using CPR keeping him alive.
Once the EMS team arrived they took over the life-saving process and eventually took the skipper to Leamington Hospital. He was eventually taken to Windsor where he was given a pacemaker.
As at this writing, he is home recovering with sore ribs but alive and as well as can be expected given his ordeal.
I applaud the members of Cedar Island Yacht Club for their quick and professional action.
I am not a medical person but I am convinced that had it not been for the heroic efforts of Rachel Park, Sue Markham and Maxine Sylmajobena, our beloved skipper would not have survived. 
I am told the the skipper may be sailing again in a month or two.

~ Commodore Warren

UPDATE: Bob was at the Club Wednesday, June 12. He is in good spirits, sore and somewhat more bionic than he was prior to the 3rd. Jim Norris says Bob said to say hello to everyone.

Work hours have been updated. Check yours to see where you stand.

Bet you've been wondering what happened at the Blessing of the Fleet and Sail Past celebration a couple of weeks ago. Without further ado, here's a link to a fine presentation created by none other than Dennis Graham. Many thanks to Denny for recording the event. BTW, this will mark the fifth year in a row that the Commodore's Sail Past has been cancelled due to (no, not the bagpipes and drum playing) but to poor weather. Better luck next year, Vice Commodore Tom Steinke.

The racing season is finally underway and the first race took place last night, May 29th. You can check out the results on the Racing Program Page.

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Hey Racers (and Potential Racers)!

Race Officer, Walter Cooper, has made some important changes to this year's race program and, if you're already part of it or just considering joining in on the fun, you should familiarize yourself with the changes.

Click this link to take you to the Race Page and to the changes.

For Sale!
CAL 25 Sailboat (photo – Sept 2018)
1976 Cal 25 - Comes complete with sails, 9.9 hp Honda outboard motor, life jackets, Cobra HH600 DSC+GPS marine radio, and 6 point steel welded dry dock cradle. Asking $3,000.
Please contact Matt Gervais at 519-551-2645.

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Welcome to a new season. We're in the water!

Here's to a fun-filled and safe sailing season.

Below is
Sparrow, Social Officer Sandy Wright's acquisition and newest addition to Cedar Island Yacht Club's fleet.

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Dave Prince is helping out with Docks and has asked that the following opportunities for work hours be posted:

Gyn Pole/Jib Crane Repairs, asap prior to Launch Day.

Launch Day, Saturday April 27th at 0700 hours for Launch Crew and no later than 0800 hours for Members launching their vessels

Cradle Day, Saturday May 4, at 0800 hrs.

Equipment Inspection, Preparation, Maintenance and Repairs (including Mast Dollies & Pump-out)

Phone or email Dave to confirm and arrange tasks.


Dave can be reached at 519-562-5833 or at

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Here we grow again. Say hello to our newest members . . .

Stacks Image 34

Beth Hughes, Learn to Sail Social

Stacks Image 36

Mary and Mike Hughes, Learn to Sail Social

Stacks Image 38

Jack and Cheryl Albert, Learn to Sail Social
Welcome aboard all!

The minutes of the 2017/18 Annual General Meeting have been posted and are available on the Members' Page.

UPDATE: Social Sandy has advised that a member has come forward to build Jenga on steroids. Thanks!

And this, from Social Officer Sandy Wright . . . "I'm looking for a volunteer who's good at woodworking to make two outdoor Jenga games for the club. I have the instructions I can send to that person and they will be reimbursed for the cost of materials."

There are two new postings on the Members' Page worth reading. The first is the revised Bylaws and Policies and Procedures document (effective December 2018) and the new Code of Conduct protocol for members and their visitors.

Don't forget, the passcode to gain entry to the Members' Page is the clubhouse door code.

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The Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday, December 2nd and, if you missed it, you weren't alone. Fewer than half of the voting members at CIYC were in attendance. It's a strange phenomenon. But those in attendance were pleased to learn that the new Executive has been invested, that the Club's plans big things this year for Youth Sailing, that the Treasurer has increased savings for dredging of the basin and a number of other initiatives the Executive has in store. The minutes will be available in due course. A pictorial of the event can be found here.

Here is an important addition to the reading package for the AGM. It deals with Youth Sailing, the program's performance last year and the committee's plans for the coming year. You can find it by clicking this link.

Great news! We partnered up with Lettering on the Cheap, a website for boat registration letters & numbers as well as boat graphics & letterings. They're providing a $100 discount code for our members! Check out their website for some pre-styled boat registration letters or use their lettering tool to assemble your own registration number decal.
Here's the code you can use on the checkout process: 

My Image

The Annual General Meeting is next Sunday at 2 PM. Please make an effort to attend. Accessing the background information will assist you in contributing to meaningful discussion and good decision-making. Secretary Carol Perkes has put the package together and you can find it by clicking this link. See you on Sunday!

The website has a few changes, mostly cosmetic but one that has troubled some users is gaining access to the Members' Page and the Your Work Hours Page. Both are passcode protected as the information therein only pertains to members. The passcode has been changed to the four-digit code for the clubhouse door. If you don't know what it is, email a member of the Executive and you'll be clued in.

The website suffered a breakdown and has been rebuilt. Work remains to bring it completely up to date. You will notice some changes to the new site and, as always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement.

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The 2018 Commodores' Ball was held Saturday, November 17th at the Kingsville Golf Club recognizing all Past Commodores and the huge contributions made to the Club and its future by Commodore Paul Cairoli. As always the meal was exceptional and the desserts a delight but the real highlight of the evening was the roast delivered by World Champion sailor and friend of Paul's, Skip Lennox. Skip dissolved some of the mystique around our esteemed leader and lead us down the path of Paul's racing experience starting out with a fully equipped Catalina 27 (what?!) and ending with his current sled, Bambarra. Paul delivered his thoughts on the past two years, recognizing the achievements of his Executive and the members in beautifying the Club. Paul's shining accomplishment was the introduction of Youth Sailing this past summer, viewed by many as the saving grace for the Club as it will provide a stream of new, younger members to replace our aging population.

All in all, it was a great night. You can see pictures of the event by clicking the link below. I really have to get a new camera . . .

2018 Commodores' Ball