• Your Work Hours

I’m a Full member. How many work hours am I required to perform?

If you are a Full member, you are required to complete 20 work hours a year. However, members should look at that requirement as a minimum and join in to help where and when needed. The Club is only as strong as its membership.

In all cases, unworked work hours will be billed to the member at a rate of $30.00 per hour.

What about Social members?
A Social member is required to perform a minimum of 10 work hours a year.

We’re Associate and Learn to Sail Social members. What about us?
Associate and Learn to Sail Social members are not required to perform any work hours. But, as in the case with Full and Social members, Associate and Learn to Sail Social members are encouraged to contribute as best they can.

So, c’mon, jump in! Get your hands dirty. In most cases, the work around the Club needs no special talents or skills; just a willingness to help out.

Contact any of the Executive Officers to find out how you can contribute. And don’t forget to get authorization to do the work first and to record your hours in the book.

Together, we can make CIYC better.

This link will take you to a record of your work hours.