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Dredging Officer Dave Rempel

January 2018 -With snow and cold all around us it may seem odd for me to talk about Dredging. While this is true there is not much going on at this moment its not too early to start preparing for the 2108 season. We have had high water levels the last few years but that does not guarantee we will enjoy the same this year.

Dredging is the silent, in the background arm of the CIYC that can make or break the sailing season. So now is the time to prepare.

There is a fair bit of work to do on Toot, some routine as well as some major work that is long overdue. The routine items are the annual spring clean up, application of antifoul and the inevitable touch up to the paintwork. Beyond that, this year prior to launch, we are looking at sandblasting and applying an epoxy coating to the deck. Wiring on Toot is in terrible shape and we will be doing a complete rewire on the boat. We are thinking about a removable door near the transom so race marks and channel marks can be deployed and retrieved in an easier manner.

On the water our Skippers and Crews will be ready to go should a little or a lot of dredging be needed, as soon as the tug is launched.

With our renewed and expanded role with the Town we will also be doing a number of channel and canal soundings so that we may better understand how if at all the harbour is filling in and be prepared in advance for any action that needs to be taken. We do not want to find out the water is too low by the number of boats that cannot leave the dock.

If any of you, in particular those new to the club are looking at joining the Dredging team drop me an e-mail and we will get you up to speed.

All the best for the new sailing season

Dave a.ka. Captain Dredge