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Race Officer Walter Cooper

February 2018 - We want to make the coming year a fun and exciting one for everyone and to encourage racing your boats.  We have a target of 100% participation in the program this year - whether racing your boat, crewing or participating in race in some form.

This cannot happen without your support and if I can do anything to make the year more enjoyable for you, please let me know - anytime through the year.



Race Program - Strategic Plan


To have 100% involvement from members in the race program at CIYC.


To demystify racing at CIYC and provide a fun and safe venue for all participants.

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Cedar Island Yacht Club strives to promote a safe and comprehensive Race Program to be conducted throughout the year. The program is intended to equip members with the skills to be competent and competitive sailors and to promote Racing as an enjoyable and fun activity at CIYC.
  2. Build a race committee that is representative of the membership. Include those with strong racing experience as well as those just starting out in the sport. Look at adding members who can develop into moving into the position of Race Director in the future.
  3. Solicit member input to determine what the members want in the race program provided at CIYC.
  4. A three part winter program, composed of seminars, to target sailing competencies, racing skills and guest presentations. These seminars are open to all club members, and their guests, and would be held at the club.
  5. The summer 'on water' component of race activities at the club will consist of a number of venues:

  • A Wednesday Night program consisting of a traditional 'around the buoys' format. As daylight hours become challenging, weekend races might be added to extend the racing season.

  • An alternate evening program to re-institute the Blue Racer races for newer skippers. This venue would focus on providing skippers and crews the skills to be employed in racing their boats safely and competently while still having fun. Initially, this program would use more experienced racers as 'mentors' on the boats to provide suggestions to the newer skippers and crews. These 'mentors' would rotate through the boats to allow a variety of viewpoints to be presented. Following this initial training, skippers and crews would continue in a Blue Racer series.

  • A Regatta program to encourage maximum participation of sailors from CIYC. It should be designed to be fair to all racers as far as possible and include a variety of racing venues.

  • A non-Regatta program to provide a venue for overnight or distance events. It should be designed to encourage members to explore taking their boats on longer and can be a precursor on increasing attendance at racing events at other clubs in the area.

Action Plan:

Design winter seminar programs for the membership. These need to be scheduled and could conclude the day with a potluck for the club. Initially, these could be:

  • How to sail you boat - why do we have all these sail controls anyway?;

  • How to fly a spinnaker - we are looking at running a course through Sail Ontario to do this;

  • Racing rules at CIYC and applying them to our race series.

After determining what the members want, format the race program to provide racing in a venue that is safe and fun and satisfies as many member desires as possible.

  • Review the Wednesday night series;

  • Schedule an alternative night for new racers;

  • Review Regatta formats;

  • Schedule a minimum of two 'cruise' races.