• Youth Sailing at CIYC

What you need to know about our
Youth Learn to Sail Program!


We have been working to develop a Youth Learn to Sail Program in conjunction with Ontario Sailing’s BOOM Mobile Sailing School. This program would introduce youth, ages 8 to 14, to sailing. The program would have one-week and two-week options. Youth will learn sailing theory, gain hands on sailing experience, play games, make friends and have fun!


The BOOM mobile sailing school is intended to give participants all across Ontario a fun introduction to sailing and give them an opportunity to develop their sailing skills. This program teaches children the basics of sailing using Sail Canada’s CanSail 1 and 2 standards. Two CanSail certified instructors will travel to CIYC with their coach boat and dinghies in tow. They will set up shop at CIYC and teach your child how to sail! At the end of the two week period, they will be on their way to their next destination!


Summer 2018

1 and 2 week options – dates to be determined


At CIYC of course!

The program will use CIYC grounds. As part of the program, it is required that a designated club member volunteers to be present during the program. That means there is no need to worry about the students getting into things/places they are not allowed.


We want youth to love sailing as much as we do! By introducing youth to sailing at a young age we can mold them into potential future club members and help our membership flourish. Young people love to learn new things and this is a great opportunity to introduce them to a new sport.