What’s New at CIYC

For those of you who missed the Commodores’ Ball, well, you missed a wonderful night of camaraderie, good food, good times, oh, and a drum and pipe band. Commodore Paul spoke, acknowledging the achievements of those hard-working members who made the Club better this year.

Paul continued by introducing the new Executive for 2017/18 and wished them well in the upcoming plans. Warren Ritchie takes on the Vice-Commodore-ship, Ilene Steinke is Treasurer, Carol Perkes is Secretary, Dave Rempel is Dredging Officer, Mike Lippmann takes on Property, Keith Boehme is Docks Officer, Wendy Foote continues as Auntie Social and Frank Foote will assume the Learn to Sail Officer role. Richard Miles stays as Communications Officer. Paul also acknowledged Beth Graham’s role as Past Commodore but more so as publisher of the CIYC News. The News is the Club’s key communication tool and Beth does a tremendous job putting it out.

Paul stressed that we are “customers’ of the Club and that customer service is paramount and that we will strive to improve in everything we do.

Two key projects will take the stage this year: development of a Youth Sailing Program and creating a Future Needs Committee. The former will protect the Club’s legacy and help it grow. None off us are getting any younger and injecting new blood into the Club through a youth program will ensure CIYC’s continuity. The latter group will look at ways of acquiring real estate and dockage if the need arises in the future.

Paul closed by asking the membership to get more involved in the Club - putting your handprints all over the Club and making it yours.

Nov. 1 - And now, a message from our Treasurer, Ilene Steinke . . .


CIYC is changing the timing of billings in the upcoming 2017-18 fiscal year. Currently, several bills are sent throughout the year, requiring deposits to be brought in at launch and haul out, and resulting in new balances owing to be issued with each new billing.
Billings will be simplified by including all standard items in the first billing that is sent out following approval of the budget at the Annual General Meeting in December. A year-end billing will be sent in October for ice charges and outstanding work hours.
The first billing will now include: membership, winter storage, dockage, cradle storage, launch and haul out. Members will be billed for the same services that they used the previous year.  We will debit or credit members’ accounts for any differences in services that they actually use in the new year. As always, payment of the first billing may be made in full or by way of 3 post-dated cheques.

October 30 - Members are reminded to have their dock boards removed by the November 5th deadline or face a $50 charge.

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October - Meet Terry and Candace Anderson, new Social members who joined us at the last Executive meeting.

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October - Rick and Flo Taillieu have joined CIYC as Social members, being inaugurated at the October Executive meeting.