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Sail for Cystic Fibrosis Regatta

June 10, 2017

In 2010, Wendy & Frank Foote organized the first Sail for CF Regatta. This was the year that Scott, our son, spent at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto waiting for his double lung transplant. All proceeds from the fund raising event went to Cystic Fibrosis Canada. Even though we had been dealing with Scott's illness for many, many years, we had never been put into the position of him having a very extended hospitalization. It made us realize how onerous this is for families who are not lucky enough to have the resources to cope with the extra expense of having a loved one far away from home.

Cystic Fibrosis Canada has the resources to help those really in need and the funds we raise go to many different programs - mostly to research funding to find better ways to manage this deadly disease and, in the long term, to find a full cure!

Since 2010, we have raised nearly $40,000.00 and it breaks down as follows:

2010 - $3550.00
2011 - $3975.00
2012 - $5045.00
2013 - $6084.00
2014 - $6354.00
2015 - $7794.00
2016 - $7100.00

Total - $39,902.00!!! This is an incredible amount from our humble yacht club and I have always been proud of the members and how they come together and support this event!

Money is raised in several different ways. We have corporate sponsors who donate cash, we sell raffle tickets for the awesome door prize table (with hugely incredible prizes donated from local stores, vendors, and restaurants), the entry fees for the Regatta itself, and through the sale of meal tickets. The more meals we sell, the more money we raise. We prepare between 120-140 servings (last year was the first time we broke the 100 meals mark serving 120 meals at $14/meal!) so the more the merrier. With Allyssyn's background in food and food preparation, we are able to keep our costs in line and make a healthy profit while serving a pretty darn good meal!

And, of course, we raise money through sailing teams. Pledge forms can be found at the club or
here. The record pledge amount raised is Ryan Bonnevie, who in 2016, raised $1100.00! The High Fund-Raising Boat/Crew/Individual this year receives a $300 gift certificate for Race Officer Greg Switzer's online store, “Oh Why Knot!”, a store with all things nautical for decorating your sailor’s home. Thank you, Greg, for a very generous and awesome gift sure to spur people on to raise money!

Tax receipts are provided by
Cystic Fibrosis Canada for all donations $20.00 and up.

So this is the 8th year we are going to run this event and we are hoping for fantastic weather, a good turnout and lots of donations! Hope to see everyone there. Bring out your family and friends for good times, a good meal and some real summer fun!

Mike Lippmann - Co-Chair "Sail for CF Regatta 2017"
Jyllian Mackie - Co-Chair "Sail for CF Regatta 2017"