• Get on station early to ensure you can set a good, square line and set your anchor.
  • When setting the line, please ensure the mark is off your PORT side to ensure correct alignment.
  • Place the course board that shows the course number.
  • Try to keep your line perpendicular (90 degrees) to the first mark.
  • Set a good, long line (a minimum of 1½ boat lengths per boat racing). We average 10-14 boats per race so a line of 250 – 300 feet would be the minimum length. Longer lines in high winds are helpful.
  • Please ensure you have GPS time available to set your start and record finish times in GPS time.
  • Please ensure accurate finish times are recorded and give each boat a horn as they cross the finish.
  • Please fill out the Race Worksheet completely – course used, wind direction, etc.
  • Give a 5 second countdown before each flag/horn change over the VHF on Ch. 68. When you reach the 5 second countdown, broadcast “Five, four, three, two, one” as a countdown for all racers
  • Before the start sequences begins, broadcast the course number that will be used that evening at least three times i.e. Attention CIYC racers, course __ will be used tonight”.
  • Announce “One minute to Prep Flag”.
  • At the start, pay close attention to any boats being over early. If a boat is over early, attempt to hail the skipper in question, but it is the skipper’s responsibility to start correctly.
  • Use a line from your mast to the start pin as the start line.
  • Have fun!